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Finding the best boiler for your home is essential. If you are looking to find the best possible boiler for your home, at Glasgow boiler service we have a range of different makes and models of boiler for you to choose from. Worcester boilers are amongst the most energy efficient and effective boilers thanks to their renowned reliability and brand reputation. We can supply and fit a range of different boilers to suit your specific needs.

Why Consider A Worcester Boiler?

If you are interested in finding a new boiler, there are a range of reasons as to why you may wish to consider purchasing a Worcester boiler. One of the main reasons why we would recommend you consider this brand of boiler is the quality of the boilers they produce. Their boilers are well known for being reliable and are suitable for a range of different kinds of households.

One of the main reasons why we would recommend you consider these boilers is due to the range of different types of boilers on offer. As part of Worcester’s lifestyle range they feature a number of different boilers which have unique capabilities and features. An excellent example of this is the Worcester Bosch greenstar 8000 life model. This particular model of boiler has a number of unique features which make it an excellent choice for the budget and tech savvy computer.

Amongst the features that this boiler has is connectivity to the Bosch heating app. This means that you can control the boiler on the go when you are on your phone. This particular type of boiler is really suited towards homes which are large and typically have more than one bathroom. The greenstar features active boiler technology which means that the boiler will automatically top up and improve its performance when its performance levels drop slightly.

Although boiler servicing still remains important this definitely helps ease the burden on the consumer.This boiler has an energy efficiency rating of A. It is also lpg and easy control compatible. With easy to use buttons and controls this is by far one of our most recommended and favoured lpg boilers.

Worcester V Glowworm Boilers

Of course if you are considering a Worcester boiler it’s important that you are able to compare these different brands of boilers. Comparing boilers means that you can get a better overall idea of what is available on the market and what brand and model of boiler may be most appealing to your particular requirements.

Worcester Combi Boilers:

In terms of combi boilers, there is plenty that Worcester can offer. One of the most popular forms of combi boilers that it has to offer is known as the Greenstar I. The greenstar like other boilers has a number of unique features and benefits that it can offer, These are:

  • Green A+ energy rating
  • Available in lpg form
  • Control and button options
  • Compatible with easycontrol
  • Offers value for money as well as high efficiency levels
  • Reduced electrical usage thanks to efficient energy controls
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Comes with up to a ten year warranty

Glow Worm is another well respected and trusted brand from within the heating and boiler industry. As well as supplying and selling combi boilers they also specialise in system and heat only boilers. The most popular choice by far for combi boilers from Glow Worm would be their ultimate combi boiler. Like the greenstar boiler, this particular boiler comes with its own unique range of features and stats that sets it apart from other boilers.

Some of the main features of the ultimate boiler from Glow Worm are:

  • A modern and easy to use interface/control panel
  • High quality heat exchanger
  • Inbuilt filling loop for easy maintenance
  • Can come with the option of up to 5 years parts and labour warranty
  • Range of accessories available
  • A+ green energy rating
  • Compatible with smart controls

When comparing both of these boilers , it is clear that there is a range of differences between both models as well as manufacturers. What we can say is that when comparing both models, the greenstar offers a more refined and attractive design. In terms of energy efficiency both boilers offer similar high performance levels. Both achieve an A+ rating.  Deciding what manufacturer to choose can be difficult. We would recommend that you research both companies before coming to a decision.

We found that the warranty offered by Worcester is particularly generous. In addition to this the integrated features which allow for smart controls are another significant benefit of choosing this type of boiler. Whilst the ultimate boiler does offer excellent efficiency and smart controls, in some ways it lacks the simplicity and effectiveness of the Greenstar model.

Why Choose Glasgow Boiler Service For Your Next Boiler?

If you are looking to find a new boiler for your home, we offer a wide range of different boilers from a number of well known brands. Worcester, Glow Worm , Vokera , Baxi , Vaillant  and Ideal are just some of the brands that we can supply and fit across Glasgow.

Using our services means that you can choose from some of the best and most efficient boilers available in Glasgow. Furthermore , if you get in contact with us then we can find you a boiler which suits and meets your specific requirements based on the information that you have given us. With years of industry and trades experience we have the skills and knowledge to help make finding and replacing a boiler easy.

Arranging For A Worcester Boiler To Be Fitted In Glasgow

Arranging for a Worcester boiler to be fitted in your Glasgow home doesn’t need to be difficult. With our tailored services you can enjoy a low hassle way to arrange for a new boiler to be fitted. We work with a number of leading boiler manufacturers to give you a range of options in terms of brand and model. Across our website you can find a range of different electric, oil, gas, and lpg boilers.

Fitting a Worcester boiler in your home is an excellent choice if you are looking to improve energy efficiency. This manufacturer’s range of boilers offer excellent energy efficiency results as well as intelligent and quality boiler design which allows for more control over your heating.

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