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    Oil Boilers

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    Oil boilers are more efficient than gas and are most often utilised when the area you live in is not connected to the main gas connection. They work in a similar way to their gas boiler Glasgow equivalents, providing heating and hot water via taps and radiators in your home There are, however, available in heating-only versions too. Much like your conventional boiler, an oil boiler Glasgow benefits from a 7-day thermostat, Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and a room thermostat, which all combine to control the heat in your home effectively. The main difference between an oil boiler and a regular gas system is that you’ll have to have your oil delivered to your home by truck. To conform with building regulations, since 1 April 2007 oil-fired boilers must have a Sedbuk efficiency of 86% so are a good choice when looking for a high efficiency boiler.

    When installing a Glasgow oil boiler, oil will have to be delivered to your home and stored in a tank. Modern highest “A” rated oil boilers from reputable manufacturers are some of the best running boilers on the market they can run at up to 97% efficiency. There are now over 90 A rated oil boiler brands for sale in the UK. Greenstar quality oil boilers claim to be able to fill a kitchen sink with hot water in just 22 seconds Before your installation, consult with an expert Glasgow based heating system company to discuss your specific requirements. Here at Glasgow Boiler Service, we employ specialist PFTEC certified consultants whose knowledge will help you in your decision making.

    What Types of Oil Boilers Are There?

    Most oil boilers come with a separate hot water tank to heat water economically; although some combi boilers are available, they tend to be slower than traditional gas boilers and are only generally recommended for smaller properties.

    There are two types oil boilers, internal and external.  Internal boilers can be wall mounted – which is more suitable for smaller properties – or floor mounted. Internal oil boilers come with precise heating and hot water control and are compatible with optional controls such as smart meters for maximum home comfort. Outdoor versions boast the same benefits as internal boilers but frees up valuable space in your home. External boilers are encased in a hard protective cabinet that protects it from whatever elements the Scottish weather may throw at it, including much needed in-built frost protection!

    Oil boilers can sometimes, though rarely, suffer a “lockout”. This is usually caused by contaminated oil, which can be due to a damaged tank or leaving the boiler uncovered. Here at the Glasgow Boiler Service our OFTEC installers are happy to help with cleaning your tank and getting your boiler back in fully working order.

    What type of oil do they use?

    Almost every domestic oil boiler uses kerosene or 28sec oil. This is a much cleaner burning material in comparison to other oils, and consumers might recognize 28sec oil as it’s the same oil that is used in AGA cookers.

    Green alternatives are starting to develop here in the UK, but are not yet widely available. Waste feedstock could be used to create a clean vegetable oil. Consumers must consult with their boiler manufacture first to see if new oil materials are compatible. For our environmentally concerned customers, it could be worth supplementing your existing oil boiler with a wood burner using sustainable fuel to heat your homes. The experts at the Glasgow Boiler Service are equipped with the expertise to discuss all your central heating installation needs.

    Recent advances in technology mean replacing your oil boiler with a new condensing version could result in a reduction in annual energy bills of up to 30%. Oil boilers are intended to be reliable, efficient and long-lasting heating solutions. The Glasgow Boiler Service supply and install floor all types of oil boilers, including standing, wall-mounted and outdoor boilers in both standard and combi models to suit any of your household’s oil boiler needs. Oil prices are currently extremely low, and not looking to rise particularly anytime soon. With these incentives like these now is this ideal time to contact us for an oil boiler quote.

    Bottled LPG

    LPG or “Liquified Petroleum Gas” is a natural hydrocarbon fuel composed of propane and butane gases produced by the refinement of crude oil. LPG boilers, like oil, are often used in off-grid situations where gas is not available, there are over 4million home in Scotland and the UK without mains gas connection. LPG boilers they are extremely efficient and give a great return on every unit of energy, modern LPG boilers can expect an efficiency of 90% or more. LPG is delivered by road and stored in tanks which are rented from your supplier. LPG wet heating central heating systems heat water providing warmth in radiators and hot water via taps.

    Many regular gas boilers can be easily changed to LPG, the experts at the Glasgow Boiler Service can discuss all your LPG needs at a dedicated consultation. As LPG is in high demand in other countries, it has kept the price in Scotland high, with no vision if this changing in coming years.

    Oil Utility / Kitchen Condensing Boilers.

    We supply a range of Utility boilers with various outputs, to suit different properties. We can supply both standard and combination (combi) systems.

    Wall Hung Condensing Oil Boilers.

    Smaller properties might benefit from a wall hung condensing oil boiler. We can supply both standard and combination (combi) systems.

    Outdoor Condensing Oil Boiler.

    We supply a full range of Condensing Outdoor Oil Boilers, to suit most properties and budgets. We can supply both standard and combination (combi) systems.

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