Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems provide heat to the interior of your home and are vitally important here in Scotland as it’s no secret our winters can be bitter. At one point central heating systems were considered expensive and a financial drain, now with increases in technology there are new systems on the market using top of the range know-how to produce systems that not only heat your home efficiently but reduce your monthly outgoings too.

Our Glasgow heating engineers are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you to ensure you choose the right central heating system for your home.

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Electric Boilers

Electric boilers in Scotland are relatively new but are growing in popularity. They work by heating water using electricity to produce steam which warms your water and radiators in the home and come in two variations; heat only and combi, both are available from the Glasgow Boiler Service. Heat only electric boilers are cost effective and allow for individual management of heating and hot water. Combination electric boilers manage both heating and hot water from one system.

Why choose an electric boiler?

  • Electric boilers save money and energy, as they are extremely efficient losing almost no energy when converting the electricity into usable heat.
  • Electric boilers benefit the earth by producing a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gas boilers.
  • For those who are not connected to the gas grid, an electric boiler is a great choice as it means no reliance on LPG or oil deliveries.

Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating is a system that has only recently grown in popularity though the advantages are vast and your home could benefit in a number of ways. In comparison to the traditional method of mounting your heating system to the wall, underfloor heating lets heat rise up from the floor to warm your home evenly. As the heat is dispersed slowly upward, there is less need to raise the temperature in order to feel the benefit of the system leading to underfloor heating systems being known to reduce heating costs by between 15-40%.

Underfloor heating is especially useful for those homes that are short of space as valuable wall space isn’t taken up with cumbersome wall mounted systems. Looking to warm your home evenly and economically? Contact the Glasgow Boiler Service today for expert heating system and maintenance advice.

Heat Pumps

Ground and air source heat pumps extract heat from the ground or surrounding air which is transferred to heat radiators and under-floor systems, water, and hot air systems all from a completely renewable source. Although there is some electricity needed to run ground source heat pumps, meaning they have some environmental impact this is a fraction in comparison to conventional heating systems. Not only are heat pumps good for the environment, but they benefit your bank balance too with Scottish government backed funding incentives in place to encourage homeowners to invest in these future-proof technologically advanced systems.

Though the initial cost is more than a regular heating system, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 70%. Combined with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme heat pumps seem to be an attractive option with households when researching central heating installations in Glasgow.

Find out more about the work of our Glasgow heating engineers in the Heat Pump section.

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Electric Panel heaters & Storage Heaters

A rated condensing combination boilers with 10 year manufacturer's warranty and
1 year Glass Boiler Service workmanship warranty.

Electric panel and storage heaters are most common in modern flats and areas not connected to the gas supply. They enjoy almost no maintenance costs and are cheaper and easier to install than gas heating systems, the Glasgow heating engineers at the Glasgow Boiler Service will guide you through the decision process to ensure the right electric heating system is chosen for your needs.

Wall mounted panel heaters are probably the least expensive type of electric heater to install and come with a range of specifications. They supply on-demand heat and come with sensitive thermostats that react brilliantly to changes of temperature in the room. Many models come with 24-hour timers that can be programmed to suit your needs. Though slightly more expensive to run than traditional storage heaters these slim-line heaters safe space and heat both domestic and commercial rooms effectively.
Basic storage heaters have two simple controls, input which controls how much heat is stored and output which controls the temperature of the room. A higher output setting will release the heat into the room faster and should be used only when at home for maximum benefit.

Modern slim line storage heaters are a great alternative to conventional electric heating systems. They use energy stored in the system during low-cost off-peak times when utilised properly they will be cheaper to run than traditional direct acting heating systems. The electricity is drawn during the late night low rate and stored in heat-retention cells then released as needed during the day. Modern storage heaters can have up to two and a half more insulation than their predecessors, meaning less energy is drawn from the daytime tariff. This could mean a reduction in energy bills of up to 25%.

Fan Assisted or Combi storage heaters not only enjoy all the benefits of regular storage systems, they also offer a “boost” function that will blow warm air into the room when needed. Combi storage heaters work in a similar way but offer the “on-demand” panel convector that can run separately on the day rate. This is especially useful for heating systems Scotland, where many homes require excess warmth in winter. It’s worth noting this should only be used when necessary as the day rate can be double the cheap low-cost night tariff. When deciding what heating system is best for you, consult with specialist Glasgow heating companies like us for straightforward, expert advice.

Our central Heating Engineers Glasgow can help you with any of your storage heating enquires, contact us on live chat or call our Glasgow Boiler Service office.

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Panel Heaters

The cheapest in our range is our selection of panel heaters. They come with thermostatic controls to allow accurate regulation of room temperatures, and can be used to supply on-demand heat to your room. While cheaper to install, they are the most costly to run due to the on-demand nature of their usage, whereas storage heaters allow the benefit of storing energy during non-peak times. They still provide great alternatives for heating a conventional living space and give great room coverage.

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Modern Slim-line Storage Heaters

Slim-line storage heaters are perfect for those who are looking to minimise running costs from previous electric heating systems, offering running savings of up to 15% on other heaters. No matter the size of room that you have, they can warm the space quickly and effectively. At Glasgow Boiler Service, we supply brands Creda, Newlec, Elnur and Dimplex slim-line storage heaters for added choice and value.

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Fan Assisted Storage Heaters

These are also known as combi storage heaters. At Glasgow Boiler Service, we supply Creda, Newlec, Elnur and Dimplex brand combi heaters Glasgow and Scotland. Cost-effective to run, and reasonable in selling price, these heaters give plenty back to the buyer in energy saving costs. Alongside high heat retention storage heaters, these units have the added benefit of running with a Rate 2 Electricity Tariff, meaning that they can store heat sing cheaper night-time electricity to be used throughout the day when on-demand electricity would be far more expensive, offering you key savings in your energy bills.

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High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

We supply Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters. They are 47% cheaper to run than a standard electric radiator system, and are 27% cheaper to run than a standard electric storage heater, making these the ideal choice for those looking to save on their monthly energy bills. Dimplex Quantum Glasgow offer you the best choice for complete control of your home’s heating, and work by storing heat during periods of low energy demand.

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