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    Modern central heating systems are a phenomenon that most households take for granted. Heating and hot water are integral to a happy home. The pleasure of coming in from the cold to a warm home, enjoying a luxurious steaming bath, or even the simple task of washing the dishes in hot suds can all disappear suddenly if your boiler was to break down. Not only can there be an inconvenience after the immediate effects of a boiler breakdown, but faulty boilers could lead to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Not only can a broken boiler be a massive inconvenience to you and your family, but it will cause an unnecessary financial drain too. Here at the Glasgow Boiler Service our years of experience have shown that regular maintenance and servicing carried out by a qualified Glasgow gas safe heating engineer is the key to an efficient and safe boiler.

    At the Glasgow Boiler Service, we are passionate and committed to providing the very best in customer care for the ultimate in satisfaction for your boiler and central heating needs. Our professional boiler installers in Glasgow travel nationwide to ensure that all our fitted boilers and central heating systems are working to their optimum ability.

    In an ideal world, central heating and boiler systems will only break down and need repair in summer, though our years of experience have shown us that this isn’t always the case.

    If you notice your central heating system is not working properly, contact us directly at the Glasgow Boiler Service, we will arrange a visit with one of our fully trained engineers to find the source of the problem and fix it efficiently and professionally.

    In Scotland, the cold weather can lead to damaged pipes, leaks, and mold. Other typical problems we often see at the Glasgow Boiler Service include:

    Boiler Servicing

    An inefficient boiler will not only leave you feeling cold, but will drain your finances by forcing you to expel more energy than planned, no matter the age of your boiler, by maintaining it’s health through regular maintenance you will avoid emergency boiler breakdown repairs and save significantly on your bills.

    The thought of facing a bitter Scottish winter with a boiler that’s on the blink is a daunting thought, our boiler maintenance Glasgow team will travel the length of the country to ensure your boiler and central heating system is in optimum working order. We offer yearly service plans which allow you to spread the cost. All our services include a full safety check on the boiler and any gas fires or cookers, as well as a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate if required.

    What to Expect During a Service

    • Boiler and control safety testing.
    • Carbon monoxide testing.
    • Inspection and testing of key boiler components.
    • Check for signs leaks and corrosion.
    • Flue inspection.
    • Parts cleaned if needed.
    • Gas pressure check.
    • Complete casing fitted back to your boiler once the service is complete.
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    We recommend having your boiler serviced by a gas engineer Glasgow once a year to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently. Though our boilers come with up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty, servicing is still required to maintain this peace of mind.


    If you notice other problems with your gas boiler or central heating system, don’t worry, all our Glasgow heating engineers have years’ experience and are fully qualified to help diagnose and repair in all eventualities. Our skilled tradesmen will carefully examine your boiler and discuss with you the best course of action to get your Glasgow boiler or central heating repair fixed.

    • Losing Pressure – this could mean there is a leak in the system or the valve need replacing.
    • Thermostat Problems – over time thermostats need recalibrated as they lose accuracy.
    • Radiators Not Working – chemically cleaning will remove the sludge in your radiators allowing the heat to flow through them warming your house once more.
    • Odd noises - This could be due to air in the system or a lime scale build up.
    • Hot Water Not Working – when motorized valves and air locks fail, unfortunately so does your hot water.
    • Boiler Switching Off – This common problem could be due to low pressure or a problem with the thermostat.

    How to Spot a Problem?

    It’s important to know the way around your boiler so you can spot any faults and have them remedied professionally by the Glasgow Boiler Service.

    • Check the emergency control valve, these needs to be open to allow gas to flow through.
    • If your stopcock is open, but there’s no gas supply you should contact your supplier.
    • Is your thermostat working correctly, older thermostats lose their accuracy, the Glasgow Boiler Service gas safe engineers can recalibrate this for you.
    • If there’s no change in temperature after adjusting your Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) then contact a Glasgow boiler maintenance company as you may need this drained and replaced.
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    If in doubt about what’s wrong with your boiler or heating system it’s important to consult a professional team rather than attempting any maintenance work yourself. We have a dedicated an expert team who are available to travel across Scotland to assist you with all your boiler and central heating needs, contact us today to book your service or repair.

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