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Vokera Boilers Glasgow

The heat and comfort in your home is heavily reliant upon the quality and reliability of your boiler. Having an effective boiler can cut your energy bills and allows for a much more comfortable and sustainable home environment.

 There are plenty of different boilers you can choose from available on the market. We would recommend that you consider what your requirements are for a boiler before purchasing a new one. A Vokera boiler could be the best choice for your home.

We provide our customers with the best boilers available across Glasgow. By using our tailored services, you can choose from a range of different boilers to meet your specific requirements. Vokera boilers are one of the best quality brands that we currently stock.

Vokera boilers are renowned for their reliability and they have built up a strong following online. Trustpilot amongst many other sites has a large portion of positive reviews for this boiler brand.  We can supply and fit a range of Vokera boilers for you across Glasgow.

Why Consider A Vokera Boiler?

There are many reasons as to why you may wish to consider a Vokera boiler. There are numerous benefits that these particular types of boilers can provide.

One of the main selling points of these types of boilers is price. On average online research from heating force suggests that a standard Vokera boiler is up to 20% cheaper to install and run than a boiler from another leading brand would be. Furthermore. The prices featured on Vokera’s website do indicate that they offer excellent value for money.

Whilst value for money is an important benefit, it’s also important that there are other benefits that consumers can enjoy as a result of choosing this brand of boiler. If you choose to opt for a Vokera combi boiler, you will be choosing boilers which are endorsed by the energy savings trust. Furthermore, these boilers have been proven to be up to 94% energy efficient throughout their operation.

Vokera boilers offer excellent value for money as well as a proven energy efficiency track record. Therefore, if you are a budget savvy consumer, Vokera is an excellent choice. In addition to initial costs as well as running costs an additional benefit to these combi boilers is there is no need for bulky additional water tanks or storage heaters. The combi boiler can provide instantaneous hot water and heating around your household quickly and effectively.

Vokera V Vaillant Boilers

To ensure that you fully appreciate the range of boilers available to choose from, we have undertaken research into numerous boilers to ensure you can understand how each boiler and brand compares with each other. Its important to weigh up your options when choosing a boiler to ensure you get the best deal.


Vokera Combi Boilers

Vokera has a fairly large range of combi boilers. The boiler we will focus on is the Vision plus C.

The vision plus C like many of the other boilers available has its own unique attributes and benefits that its users can enjoy. These are the following:

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Erp compliant (energy efficiency)
  • 7 day digital clock
  • High flow rates
  • 7-year warranty
  • Can be converted to LPG
  • A class energy efficiency

On the whole when we conducted research into Vokera and the full range of boilers that they have available, we came to mixed conclusions. One of the most important things to note about Vokera boilers is value for money. By far, value for money is this brands strongpoint.  Vokera offers a large range of quality boilers at affordable prices, something its rivals struggle to do.

However whilst there is value for money as well as high levels of efficiency associated with these boilers, there are of course also downsides to picking these boilers. One of the less favourable points for Vokera is the standard warranty. Some of its combi boilers come with a mere 2 year warranty. This could lead to costly repairs if the boiler is outside warranty, furthermore many boiler brands offer longer warranties as standard.

Overall, Vokera does offer good value for money in addition to effective use of space. These boilers are designed to be energy efficient but don’t quiet hit the figures that some leading brands such as Vaillant.

Vaillant Combi Boilers

The main benefits of choosing an Ecotec plus combi from Vaillant are as follows:

  • Eco friendly and up to 85% recyclable
  • Fully compatible with smart heating meters/apps for extra functionality
  • Built by hand for better quality
  • 5 year guarantee with extended guarantees available through approved installers
  • Erp A rated
  • Quiet mark approved

Vaillant are another boiler company who have an excellent reputation based on the reliability and quality of the boilers that they sell and produce. As well as adding more functionality to the traditional combi boiler, the Ecotec boiler also has won several awards such as the quiet mark for reduced noise and also very high energy ratings all round.

These factors combined means that Vaillant are a strong contender for producing some of the best boilers on the market. Your choice between Vaillant and Vokera depends on the space you have available as well as your budget. Overall, the Ecotec is adaptable to most environments and offers slightly better energy efficiency. However as standard its warranty its shorter. Vokera offers more affordability and a longer warranty.

Installing A Vokerant Combi Boiler

Installing an Vokerant combi boiler with Glasgow boiler service is a simple and low hassle process. By using our skilled professional boiler services, you can enjoy a smooth and fast boiler installation process. Every aspect of our boiler service is meticulously planned out in order to deliver a top-quality service. We work with a range of boiler manufacturers to install and service boilers across Glasgow. We are specialists in Vaillant combi boilers.

In addition to our range of combi boilers we can also provide you with other boilers such as:electricoilgas, and lpg boilers. Having an Vokerant boiler fitted in your home is a brilliant choice. Find the best boiler for your home with Glasgow boiler service.

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