Hybrid Air Source Heating System

Integrate a gas boiler with an air soured heat pump and get £8000 cashback from the Government!

Takes Only 60 seconds!

  • Save money with a more energy efficient home
  • Future proof your home and protect yourself from unpredictable price increases
  • Reduce impact of future price increases
  • Straightforward installation (1 – 2 days)
  • Easy to access government £8,000 cashback grant
  • Additional government interest free loans
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Add value and future proof your home

Takes Only 60 seconds!

What is a hybrid heat pump?

A hybrid heat pump is a heating system that combines an air source heat pump with a gas or oil boiler. The oil or gas boiler is used to ‘top-up’ a low temperature heat pump to meet the heating demands of the property where the heat pump cannot do it alone. Purpose designed hybrid systems can be set to control which heat source comes on when, depending on efficiency or energy cost targets.

How does it work?

Most air source heat pumps work at lower temperatures than our gas or oil fired heating systems; commonly 40-45 degrees C compared with 65-75 degrees C from fossil fuel systems.

Without insulating our homes or upsizing our radiators to run a lower temperatures, low temperature air source heat pumps are unsuitable for existing properties.

Hybrid heat pumps let the heat pump run at its happy and efficient temperature ,which will provide sufficient heat for a large part of the year. As outside temperatures drop, and when hot water is used, the gas or oil boiler can step in to raise the temperate of the water.

Am I Suitable for the £8,000 cash back grant?

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