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Your home environment is important. Without a comfortable home environment, you will struggle to be comfortable in your own home and could be putting yourself at risk of developing health conditions. An effective boiler plays an integral role in your homes overall comfort, especially in the winter months.

A Baxi boiler could be the perfect heating solution for your home.  We have a wide range of different makes and models of boilers available. We work closely with our customers to ensure that you find a boiler that fits and meets your requirements.

The boilers we stock, and sell are amongst some of the best boilers available on the market to buy. We believe that you should be able to find a boiler that meets your needs rather than be pushed into buying a more expensive model that may not necessarily meet your needs and requirements.

Finding the right boiler with Glasgow boiler service is easy! We are boiler sourcing experts. Whatever the requirements for your boiler may be, we can ensure that your boiler is sourced, fitted, and installed at a low price.

Why Consider A Baxi Boiler For Your Home?

Baxi boilers are becoming increasingly popular across the UK. Each model of boiler that Baxi produces has a range of useful features which you may be able to benefit from depending on your home layout, budget, and energy usage.

If you are looking for further information based on the overall popularity and efficiency of these boilers, an excellent place to find feedback is through online reviews. Websites such as Trustpilot provide in-depth insight into the way boiler companies products and services are received.

Baxi has glowing reviews on Trustpilot with the large majority of their boiler reviews appearing to be positive. This is typically a fairly good indicator of the quality of the boilers that are being produced.

However, in addition to positive reviews, it’s important that the boilers being sold have features that are both desirable and affordable.

There was a lot of information that we were able to gather about Baxi by reading their Trustpilot reviews. One of the main standout benefits of using their service appears to be their customer support.

Baxi has excellent customer support services in addition to a high-quality product. This is one of the main reasons why we would recommend considering a Baxi boiler.

Baxi V Worcester Boilers

Whilst Baxi has a lot of quality boilers to offer, Worcester is another highly trusted and sought after brand which can contend with Baxi to offer some of the best boilers available to buy.

To get you the best deal possible, at Glasgow boiler service we undertook detailed research into different models and brands of boilers available. We compared models from Baxi and Worcester in order to determine which combi boiler may be best for your home.


Baxi Combi Boilers

Baxi has a fairly extensive range of combi boilers. Each of their boilers have a range of different features. One of the most notable features about their boilers is their extensive warranties. The positive reviews of Baxi online are also a further indicator that these warranties are respected and are delivered to a high standard.

One of the best boilers available from Baxi which we found was the Baxi 800 combi. The 800 combi comes packed with numerous different features and benefits which the consumer can utilise to improve the heating and costs within their home. Some of the most notable features are as follows:

  • Built and designed in the UK using quality parts and materials
  • Can fit inside a kitchen cupboard space
  • Equipped with a magnetic filter system to protect the heater and boiler
  • Can be topped up without the need to call an engineer
  • Comes with ten years warranty covering parts and labour
  • Energy efficiency rating A
  • Can be equipped with a smart-control interface

The information we have gathered on Baxi boiler clearly makes good reading. The 800-combi boiler by Baxi offers high levels of energy efficiency as well as low running costs. The most appealing aspect of this boiler besides its features is by far the class leading 10-year warranty.

A ten-year warranty covering parts and labour means that you can enjoy peace of mind and considerably less hassle should any faults occur with your boiler.  Based on the reviews available online, choosing this boiler based on its reputation and utility would be an excellent choice.

Worcester Boilers

Worcester also has several quality combi boilers on offer. One of the most popular types of combi boilers that it has to offer is the Greenstar I. The Greenstar has many different unique features and benefits that it can offer, such as:

  • Green A+ energy rating
  • Available in lpg form
  • Control and button options
  • Compatible with easycontrol
  • Offers value for money as well as high efficiency levels
  • Reduced electrical usage thanks to efficient energy controls
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Comes with up to a ten-year warranty

Clearly, there are a number of notable differences between both the Baxi and Worcester boilers on offer. One of the more favourable aspects of the Worcester Greenstar boiler has to be its functionality. The Greenstar can offer more in terms of compatibility with smart readers and apps which makes it a more up to data boiler in terms of mobile technology.

Both of the Baxi and Worcester boilers also have an A energy rating which means that they are each equally as energy efficient.

In terms of usage and practicality, the Baxi boiler can be used in more properties thanks to being so compact and easy to fit in spaces. However, in some aspects it could be argued that it is not as simple to use as the Greenstar boiler thanks to its unique digital display and layout.

Overall based on the main criteria that we have looked out, we would recommend that if you are in the market for a boiler for the long-term that is reliable and produces high levels of efficiency then you should consider a Baxi combi 800 boiler.

Installing A Baxi Combi Boiler

Installing a Baxi combi boiler with Glasgow boiler service is a simple and fast process. By choosing our skilled professional boiler services, you can enjoy a simple and convenient boiler installation process. Every aspect of our boiler service is meticulously planned out to deliver a high-quality service. We work with a range of boiler manufacturers to install and service boilers across Glasgow.

In addition to our range of combi boilers we can also provide you with other boilers such as : electric, oil, gas, and lpg boilers. Having an Baxi boiler fitted in your home is a brilliant choice. Find the best boiler for your home with Glasgow boiler service.

We can offer fast and efficient installation of your boiler at a time that suits you. Getting the right boiler service is just as important as getting the right boiler. This is why we have spent years perfecting our service to ensure that it is tailored to your needs.

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