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The Glasgow Boiler Service offers a range of storage heaters to suit a variety of budgets and room sizes. In recent years, thanks to growing technology advances, storage heaters have become popular once again. We can supply and install a variety of products by most manufacturers, with different options of heating controls suitable to your central heating needs.

Newly fitted high-efficiency storage heaters can dramatically increase your property’s EPC rating adding value to your home whilst increasing the warmth and reducing your bills. They are a perfect alternative to standard central heating Glasgow systems.

Storage heaters generally work alongside a two-tariff electricity meter, with a high “on-peak” rate and low “off-peak” rate. The heat is generated and stored at night, during the “low” rate and is expelled throughout the property during the day meaning the user can enjoy the benefits of the lower rate. In the UK the special two rate tariff name is known as “economy 7”.

Typically, properties that have storage heaters also have a hot water tank controlled by one or two immersion heaters. Storage heaters are popular in flats and households that are not connected to the mains gas grid. Installing high-efficiency electric storage systems is a straightforward job and at The Glasgow Boiler Service, we only employ expert heating engineers Glasgow to ensure the work is completed to the highest standard. Installing storage heaters is generally easier than the installation of gas-fuelled boiler systems and what’s more once installed they have almost no maintenance costs.

Manual Storage Heaters

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Basic storage heaters have two simple controls; input which controls how much heat is stored and output which controls the temperature of the room. A higher output setting will release the heat into the room faster and should be used only when at home for maximum benefit.

Traditionally, manual controls do not provide much control over your storage heaters, so here at the Glasgow Boiler Service we recommended upgrading your system to a high-efficiency variety that enjoys automatic controls and thermostatic sensors. Traditional basic storage heaters emit heat regardless of the control settings, though this is not the case with their modern counterpart. Modern storage heaters are equipped with much better insulation so do not lose heat as easily.

Automatic Storage Heaters

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Automatic storage heaters have an inbuilt sensor which monitors the temperature during the night time charging period. Once the household has found the settings that keep them comfortably warm the system will charge to match this without you having to be programmed. Running cost savings of up to 15% can be achieved using automatic controller compared to manual controls. Many automatic storage heaters some with “boost control” which can be used when needed and increases the temperature in the room either automatically or manually.

Fan Assisted Storage Heaters

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More sophisticated than standard night storage heaters; fan-assisted storage heaters can reduce your energy use and electricity bills. One of the greatest benefits of investing in fan assisted storage heaters as they are controlled by a separate thermostat. If you set each room to a specific temperature then heat will only be used once the room reaches that level, meaning energy isn’t wasted. Fan assisted storage heaters blow warm air from the bottom of the system into the room, some have a boost setting which will allow the room to heat faster when needed.

Combination Storage Heaters

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Combination storage heaters have a separate convector that can run separately when needed on the day or “high” tariff. Combination storage heaters are ideal to use in winter when the room needs to be supplemented with a bit of extra heat in an instant and can even be used when the main storage heater is switched off.  Constant use of the convector will result in higher bills so it should only be used when needed.

Panel Heaters

Electric panel heaters do not technically store heat but supply heat on demand. They come in various shapes and sizes, ideal for any room. Modern panel heaters have thermostatic controls allowing you to easily regulate the room temperature.

Storage Heating Tips

It’s vital not to close the air vents on your electric storage system if they are not working properly; the ventilation is needed to ensure there is no dampness or condensation left by your heaters. The Glasgow Boiler Service can assist with any queries you may have about your electric storage systems.

In order to gain the most from your electric storage heaters, we advise they are upgrades to super-efficient modern versions. Traditional systems may leave you out of pocket as you might be forced to dip into the high tariff rate. In order to keep your property as warm as possible, why not try installing draught proofing and always ensure your curtains and windows are closed to retain as much heat as possible.

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